AfterDox is a smart angel investment group, comprised of current and former top software and IT executives.  AfterDox partners come from the full spectrum of Israel’s high-tech sector.
No matter how innovative the idea, how big the market, and how bright the entrepreneurs, every early-stage company will benefit from smart and active investors who participate in strategic business decisions, open doors, and generally provide an experienced sounding board to management.
That’s what we do at AfterDox.
Our mission: Creating value through hands-on involvement in a hand-picked portfolio.


AfterDox is a group of smart angels that invests in early stage Israeli companies. Our mission is to help them grow, prosper and achieve value-creating business outcomes.
AfterDox’s partners are all current and former top executives - from Amdocs and from other leading high-tech companies. Together we represent over 1.500  years of cumulative experience in the high tech market we provide access to a huge network in the global software, media, telecommunications, and internet industries.
We are committed to actively invest time, know-how, experience and connections in our portfolio companies- we serve as directors and offer mentoring with a "can do" attitude and "always deliver" spirit.
Our main areas of interest are Internet, Telecommunications, Advertising and Media, Security and IT. We do not invest in Hardware, Medical Device, Biotech, Art, Environment, or Healthcare/Wellness.


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The management team, along with other active partners, meets once a week to review lead status, with the meeting minutes distributed to all partners. In addition, the management team meets on its own once a month to handle ongoing AfterDox issues. The Board meets regularly and on special request as necessary. AfterDox status and progress is presented to all partners in an Annual General Meeting.
Menahem Shalgi
Managing Partner & Chairman
Ronit Brustin
Managing Partner & Co-Chairman
Artzi Benkuzari
Managing Partner & Director
Shuki Ehrlich
Managing Partner & Director
Irit Israeli-Kahana
Managing Partner & Director
Gabby Levy
Managing Partner & Director
Yael Lipman
Managing Partner & Director
Shalom Passy
Managing Partner & Director
Ron Shachori
Managing Partner & Director
Avraham Credi
Managing Partner & Director
Micki Scheinbach
Etty Yairi
Gerry Sapir
Itay Zandbank
Tuval Lava
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AfterDox begins and ends with its partners, who have over 1,500 years of cumulative experience in the corporate software market. They provide access to a huge network in the global software, media, telecommunications and internet industries. They are subject matter experts who proactively seek out potential investments and provide critical know-how in the investment due diligence process.
Our partners are committed to actively invest time, know-how, experience and business connections in our portfolio companies.
Alon Aginsky
Ziyon Amram
In memoriam to Zvi Arom
Rami Bader
Shai Beilis
Dr. Yossi Ben-Dov
Yossi Ben Harosh
Nissim Ben Oz
Shmuel Blank
Simon Cassif
Avner Chen
Boaz Dotan
Nira Dror
Chanan Epstein
Adina Enden
Moshe Fridrich
Shmuel Gajst
Dan Geva
Amir Goldstein
Ami Hirschstein
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Adrian Horodniceanu
Micky Kamin
Michael Kenny
Ronen Kertis
Zvika Kezurer
Akiva Kliman
Moshe Kozlovski
Nehemia Lemelbaum
Yaron Lemelbaum
In memoriam to Dov (Dubi) Levanon
Kobi Livne
Itzik Marchand
Amiram Mel
Shiloh Miller
Nissim Menashe
Moti Moore
Gady Munz
Avi Naor
Eliezer (Lazie) Oren
Dr. Gadi Pinkas
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Mark Porat
Eran Privman Ph.D
Mark Saponar
Inon Sandbank
Mario Segal
Netta Segal
Avigdor Yeger
Alex Zeltcer
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AfterDox invests as a group and not as individual angels.  AfterDox takes part in various levels of investment rounds from pre-seed, through seed, to Round A. The amount invested by the fund ranges from $100,000 to $500,000, sometimes as part of a larger round. It is not unusual for AfterDox partners or their friends to join in as personal investors as well.


Please note  that in the coming year AfterDox will support its portfolio companies, but will not make any new investments.