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AfterDox invests as a group and not as individual angels.  AfterDox takes part in various levels of investment rounds from pre-seed, through seed, to Round A. The amount invested by the fund ranges from $100,000 to $500,000, sometimes as part of a larger round. It is not unusual for AfterDox partners or their friends to join in as individual investors as well.
What We Look For
The main criteria that we look for are:
  • The Founders: preferably the company has at least two dedicated founders with the right spirit, ability and attitude.
  • The Domain: AfterDox invests mainly in its partners' fields of expertise, where they can add real value - Telecommunications, Internet, Advertising and Media, IT, Corporate Software, and Security.
  • Product Development Stage: the startup has  a proof-of-concept or MVP.
  • The Business: There must be a solid, demonstrable business case and a well thought out  business plan.
The Due Diligence Process
Processing leads is the cornerstone of our operation. It requires expertise, knowhow, method, and process. The main steps of the AfterDox process are:
  • Each lead completes an initial application form, which is the basis for

    our initial  Go/No Go decision. 

  • Applicants that pass the Go/No Go stage are assigned for further evaluation by one or more partners. 

  • The applicant undergoes thorough due diligence (DD) regarding market potential, technology, competitive landscape, team, legal and commercial, etc. 

  • If AfterDox decide to invest we will proceed with legal and business negotiations

Partners for Success

Since its inception, AfterDox has received over 1,700 leads, of which about 150 were selected for detailed evaluation. From this pipeline, AfterDox invested in some 15 companies and several follow-on investments, after which AfterDox partners rolled up their sleeves and helped the founders accelerate the portfolio company’s ability to:

  • Go beyond proof-of-concept to prove technological feasibility
  • Refine the business model
  • Develop a realistic go-to-market plan
  • Raise additional funds as required from other angels or from VCs.

This is done through mentoring and active partnership in business, marketing, sales, team building, R&D and other management areas.


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Please note  that in the coming year AfterDox will support its portfolio companies, but will not make any new investments

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