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Alon Aginsky R.I.P

Alon Aginsky, President, CEO and Founder of cVidya Networks, has over 18 years of management and marketing experience in the telecommunications, software development and network management industries. Prior to cVidya, Mr. Aginsky was VP Business Development and Business Alliances at C. Mer Industries, where he was responsible for new ventures in Telco Customer Care and Billing and Network Management Solutions.

Mr. Aginsky also served as VP Sales and Marketing at Mer Telemanagement Solutions (NASDAQ: MTSL) and President and CEO of MCS USA, where he was responsible for the company's global marketing and sales efforts. In this capacity, Mr. Aginsky successfully led a public offering of MTS on NASDAQ.

Mr. Aginsky holds a BA in Business Administration from New York Technology University.

Mr. Aginsky passed away after battling illness on December 17th, 2022 

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