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   We believe that it takes more than just financing to turn a start-up into a successful company.  With this guideline in mind we established in mid 2007 a new kind of smart angels investment group comprising several dozens of Amdocs present and former top executives. We have together accumulated close to 1000 years of experience in the corporate software market, a huge network in the global telecommunications, software and internet industries, a profound understanding of “how to create great companies”, how to develop a technological product that will be marketable and sellable in the global market, how to build a successful team and how to create a winning business model.

Added Value

The added-value of AfterDox is the high profile and commitment
of its partners.  All partners are committed to actively invest time, know-how, experience and business connections in its portfolio companies.

Fields of Interest

AfterDox invests mainly in its partner’s fields of expertise such as Telecommunications, Internet, Advertising, IT, Corporate Software and more. 

Level of Investment

AfterDox takes part in the first round at the seed and pre-seed level of the start-up, providing angel-like financing. AfterDox gives the start-up a head start to achieve real feasibility to the concept, to package its marketing message and to bring along a VC that will invest in the next level.

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